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APRIL 3, 2020


about us

GFNY Jerusalem is a personal cycling endurance challenge, where you compete against others, the clock, and yourself. There are two distances to choose from depending on your skill level and preference from a 70km to 130km. Everyone from a competitive rider to a recreational rider can enjoy this event. GFNY races are determined by the different types of challenges they offer from steep climbs to gusty winds or all combined.

The GFNY original slogan BE A PRO FOR A DAY is the true meaning of what all participants feel at all GFNY races which is a true sensation of what a professional cyclist would feel on the race course. This includes all of the following:

THe Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and THE MINISTRY OF JERUSALEM & HERITAGE. 

GFNY Jerusalem is the fruit of the initiative and Co-founders Shaun Gad, ilan Zaviv, Yaniv Cohen, and  Ofer Shytrit who have received the great support of ilanit Malcior from the Jerusalem Development Authority, the blessing of Jerusalem's Mayor Mr. Nir Barkat, and generous support of the Ministry of Jerusalem & Heritage, and the Ministry of Tourism of Israel.

 Shaun Gad

GFNY Jerusalem Co-founder and CEO Shaun loves cycling and works hard to make sure your GFNY Jerusalem race will be a true Italian style granfondo with fully closed roads and fully timed races. Shaun passion for cycling goes back more than 20 years when he started racing NORBA sanctioned mountain bikes back in the states and basically every other type of bike until he discovered his true passion of road racing. When Shaun is not organizing a GFNY race he’s usually in the states or Europe riding endlessly.