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APRIL 3, 2020


DISCOVER JERUSALEM AND ISRAEL. HERE ARE the Top 4 recommended day tours FOR YOU; 

Enjoy savings on daily tours with GFNY promo code GFNY2019 as you book your tours online. Online booking will be available in 15-days.  All tours offer daily departures from almost every hotel in Jerusalem at 08:30, or at Tel Aviv's most popular hotels at 07:15. The tours are available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, and French. Departures per language are set in different days. Therefore,  please make sure to choose the desired language when you book your tour online.

We took into consideration GFNY race day to set up the following tour itinerary around it so its convenient to all and with an English-speaking guide. If you wish to travel along with other fellow GFNY friends, please book the tours online for those specific dates:

1- Jerusalem Old City Highlights  1/2 Day tour (5hrs)   

From $49.00 / person 

Get a mesmerizing view of entire Jerusalem; the Old City, and the "New" Jerusalem outside the Old City walls from the top of Mount of Olives. From this point onwards the tour is only walking. Follow your guide and walk descend Mount Olives to visit the Church of All Nations, and the Garden of Gathsemane. You will enter the Old City (A merely 1 Square Km) from the Lion's Gate, walk through the Armenian quarter to visit the; Jewish Western Wall, the 1,500 yrs old Cardo St, the Jewish quarter, the ancient Via Doloroza, the Holy Sepulcher, the vibrante Old City Market and more. 

The tour will end at the Old City at apporx. 13:00pm, next to Jaffa Gate. You will be able to walk to Mamilla blvd. which is nearby to get a taxi, enjoy lunch or shopping around. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and to dress up in a modest manner as you enter religious sites. 

2 - Explore Masada Foretress and the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth (9hrs) 

From $108.00 / person 

Descend Jerusalem surrounded by views of the Judean Desert to below 420meters below sea level, to the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea. Drive along its scenic coastline for about an hour until you reach Masada Forestress. Enjoy a short cable-car ride to the top of the forestress for an approx 1.5hrs visit to learn about the breathtaking stories of its old time residents.   Take lunch at Masada before you make way to the shores of the Dead Sea for liesure time of about 1.5hrs where you can indulge in its mineral rich waters, rub your skin with its refreshing mud and enjoy this one in a lifetime expirience.  

The tour will end at approx. 18:00 in Jerusalem where you will be dropped off at the same morning pick-up location. Bring comfortable walking shoes, water shoes, bathing suites, sun-tan lotions, hats, snacks ( as you make one stop for lunch) and towels. All entrance fees are included within the tour price. 

3 - Discover Bethlehem's Highlights (5hrs)   From $70.00 / person 

Take a short bus drive form Jerusalem, about 15min drive,  to the border crossing between Israel and Bethlehem (located in the occupied territory, dont worry, it is safe. Bethlehem welcomes over 1 million tourists per year). 

Here you will visit Jesus' birthplace, at the Church of Nativity, where a star symbolizes the exact place of his birth as believed. This is also the oldest church in Israel. From here you will continue to Shepherd's field and the Church of Angels which famous window drawings display Jesus' lifetime events. Your tour will end at approx. 13:00 in Jerusalem.  Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, proper clothes (that cover shoulders and legs), and your passports. Shopping for souvenirs in Bethlehem is very popular so if you choose to shop don't hesitate to bargain.  

4 - Jesus's Footsteps in the Galilee; Nazareth, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee (9hrs) From $163.00 / person    (including the return back to Jerusalem) 

This tour departs from Jerusalem at 05:50am and returns at approx. 20:00pm. The cost from departing from Jerusalem and  returning to Tel Aviv is $98.00. If you choose to return to your Jerusalem hotel there is an additional charge of $65.00. 

Drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and continue along the coastal road as you make way to Nazareth (its about 3hrs drive from Jerusalem), where you will visit the Church of Annunciation. From there you will continue to the Sea of Galilee along the footsteps of Jesus; visit Capernaum where there is a synagogue dating back to the time Jesus traveled this land, visit the Church of Multiplication, and get an opportunity to dip at the baptism site on the shores of the Jordan river. Those who choose to get baptised by a priest please advise your tour guide as you meet him. 

We recommend you to bring comfortable walking shoes and to dress up in a modest manner as you enter religious sites.